Daydream nation in the dark feat. Luminance – 21/01/2014

Siouxsie & the banshees – You’re lost little girl
John Frusciante – the past recedes
Melody’s echo chamber – I follow you
Acapulco city hunter – Plaza senderos
Violet tremors – Control submission
Esben and the Witch – Despair
The night terrors – The dream eater
Tropic of cancer – The one left
Low sea – Acid ocean
Linea aspera – Vultures
Soap&Skin – Sugarbread
Luminance feat. Nathalie Bruno – Obsession
***Luminance mini carte blanche***
Xmal Deutschland – Mondlicht
OMD – The new stone age
B movie – Nowhere girl
***Luminance mini carte blanche***
Dernière volonté – Loin du brouillard
Keluar – Ennoea
Allez allez – African Queen
***…*** Here come the bats ***…***
Trust – Candy walls
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
The KVB – Shadows
PHOSPHOR – Linear attraction
Volcan. – The day they tried to kill me
lPleasurel – Love machine
A dead forest index – Anchoring the hands