unknown pleasures – [playlist] – 03/10/2017

Blondy Brownie – Le premier jour
Mind Echoes – Ocean
Kings of Edelgran – The gate
No metal in this battle – Alaska beach
Walking Ghost Phase – Yehuda

Ashinoa – Géoïde
Celestial Bums – Gandharva’s offering
Needle And The Pain Reaction – War on my human soul
Annabel Lee – Period sex

Spout Big Space – Big red back to mars
Sale Gosse – Boys
listener – Add blue
Billions Of Comrades – Torche
Stories From The Lost – Obey the martians
Amenra – Children of the eye
Pandour – BJM-Ursa Minor EP

Dunk!2017 by Félicie Novy

Picture  by Félicie Novy Photography



Pitou’s selection – [PLAYLIST] – 05/09/2017

A Place To Bury Strangers – In your heart
The Black Angels – Young men dead
Sylvain Chauveau – Find what you love and let it kill you
Slowdive(band) – Alison
Lamb – God bless
Ride – Lannoy point
Mogwai – Tracy
Russian Circles – Mota
Liars – They don’t want your corn, they want your kids
Millionaire – L’homme sans corps
Girlpool – Blah blah blah + Kiss and burn
Weezer – Buddy Holly
Hanni El Khatib – Paralyzed
Rince-Doigt – Balle de match
Lysistrata – Sugar & anxiety + Asylum
EMA – Breathalyzer
Frustration – Dreams laws rights and duties
Chelsea Wolfe – 16 Psyche
Kings of Edelgran – The Gate

Cigarettes After Sex – Apocalypse


Daydream Nation special Dour Festival 2017 – [playlist] – 04/07/2017

Deap Vally – Royal Jelly
Cocaine Piss – Happiness
ASupernaut – The Fog
Hanni El Khatib – Baby’s ok
Mountain bike – Good for nothing
Temples – Strange or be forgotten
Twin Peaks – Wanted you
Jagwar Ma – Come save me
The Kills – Heart of a dog
WUMAN – Julia
GaBLé – Porti
Monolithe Noir – Profondeville
Marie Davidson – Naive to the bone
Le Prince Harry – No way out of Wallonia
Sleaford Mods – I can tell
Hanni El Khatib – Born brown
Millionaire – I’m not who you think you are
Mont-Doré – Show me where it hurts
Brutus – Drive
Meatbodies – Tremmors
It It Anita – Jean-Marc (Jean-Marie)
Deap Vally – Smile more
All Them Witches – Alabaster
Blonde Redhead – No more honey
Alcest – Les voyages de l’âme
Amenra – Aorte. Nous sommes du même sang



Daydream Nation & Cheap Satanism Records – In Rock We Trust – [playlist] – 20/06/2017

Archie Bronson Outfit – Cherry Lips
Sonic Youth – ‘Cross the breeze
Spacemen 3 – I love you
Blind Thorns – Blindfolded Sleeplessness
Divorce – Early Christianity
Jesus Lizard – Gladiator
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – So Long Goodnight
Queens of the Stone Age – Long Slow Goodbye
The Black Keys – Things ain’t like what they used to be
Lightning Bolt – Ride the sky
Shellac – Squirrel Song
Zéro – Uprising
Zu – Beata Viscera
Signorina ?Alos – Fili di capelli
Agatha – 1981
Baroness – Morningstar
Nirvana – Sappy
The White Stripes – Blue Orchid
Vitas Guerulaitis – Ne me quitte pas
The Black Angels – Entrance Song
The Dead Weather – Hang you from the heavens
TV Buddhas – Fun Girls
Dead Meadow (Official) – I’m gone
Badaboum – Rap
Part Chimp – War machine
Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby
Radiohead – Street Spirit (fade out)


Daydream Nation carte blanche The Glücks – [PLAYLIST] – 16/05/2017

The reatards – I can live without you
The Oblivians – Vietnam war
Ty Segall – Pretty baby you’re so ugly
Hank Haint – Blackout
The blind shake – I shot all the birds
Thee Oh Sees – Contraption/soul desert
The illusions – City of people
The cramps – Papa Satan sang Louie
Sonics – The witch
The Weirdos – A life of crime
The spits – All I want
Dean Carter – Jailhouse rock
Iggy and the Stooges – Tight pants
Demented are go – Be bop a Lula
Alien Sex Fiend – Dead and buried
Christian Death – Spiritual cramp
Suicide – Ghost rider
Sleaford Mods – Don’t wanna disco or 2
GG Allin – Abuse myself, I wanna die
Chaos UK – Victimized
Dead boys – What love is
SECTS TAPE – Commitment
The Glücks – CuCuCool
The Monsters – Acid dreams
Coachwhips – you gonna get it
Magnetix – The motard
Doug Mulray – I’m a Punk
King Automatic – The Cowboy of Tchernobyl
The Groupies – Primitive
Mystic Five – Are you for real, girl…
Kip Tyler – She’s my witch
Johnny Thunders – Born to lose
The Gories – Nitroglycerine
Warsaw – They walked in line
Patti Smith – Free money
The Glücks – Youth on stuff
David Bowie – Rock’n’roll suicide

The Glücks by Christian Bendel


Earth – Torn by the fox of the crescent moon
Frank Zappa and the mothers – The little house i used to live in
Swans – When will I return
Emma Ruth Rundle- Real big sky & Protection
God is an astronaut – Forever lost
Mogwai – Like herod
Caspian – Loft
Ilydaen – Aku-Aku
Lost in Kiev – Insomnia
Motek – I am your son
We lost the sea – A gallant gentleman
This will destroy you – Threads
Syndrome – Absence
CHVE – Charon


Cocaine Piss @ Daydream Nation – [playlist] – 04/04/2017

F-Minus – paid to listen
Goat – Talk to God
CRASS – Do they owe us a living?
Fantomas – The Godfather
Naked City – Bonehead
CEREMONY – The Doldrums (friendly city)
Fucked Up – Solomon’s song
Creative Adult – Dead air
Pissed Jeans – Bathroom laughter
Earth – Old black
Matt Uelmen – Wilderness
The Entrance Band – Grim reaper blues
Cross – Pyre
Grails – Self-hypnosis
Slaves – Take control
Slaves : Consume or be consumed (feat. Mike D.)
OKKULTOKRATI : Hard to please, easy to kill
OKKULTOKRATI : We love you
DAGGERS – Wanderlust
DAGGERS – Citadel

Grails – Kebnekaise
BAPTISTS – Betterment
DESTRUCTION UNIT – The world on drugs
Trash Talk – Exile on Broadway


Cocaine Piss

IN FIRE WALK WITH ME – [playlist] – 07/03/2017

FALL OF MESSIAH : I always thought that one day everything will be settled, but everything just went black
Russian Circles : Afrika
Mongolito : Lucidity
Sleep Dealer : The way home
and also the trees – The pear tree

and also the trees – So this is silence
Luminance : Constance in sorrow
Marriages : Salome
Emma Ruth Rundle : Medusa
Chelsea Wolfe : Hypnos
BARST – The Western lands (Side A)
Whispering Sons – Time
Cigarettes After Sex – K.
Low – Lullaby
Kokomo – Beware of pity
Lotte Kestner – All I need (radiohead cover)


Daydream Nation goes Incubate Festival – [playlist] – 06/12/2016

Year of no light – Perséphone
Monoliths – The omnipresence of Emptiness
Oathbreaker – 10:56 – Second Son of R.
Cheena – Liberated animal
Heads. – At the stake
Cocaine Piss – The Dancer
Yokocola Cellarsounds – Deep Red Dream
Dead High Wire – The Wire is dead
BAD BREEDING – Burn this flag
Michael Nau – Maralou
Grumbling Fur – Protogenesis
Wrekmeister Harmonies – Run Priest Run + Night of your Ascension
Hemelbestormer – After us, the flood
fanny kaplan – пластилин

Incubate Festival 2016

Daydream nation carte blanche Lysistrata – [playlist] – 01/11/2016

Mothers – Copper mines
Bonobo – Walk in the sky
BRNS – Any house
Microfilm (official) – La Fille Qui En Savait Trop
Die! Die! Die! – Sideways Here We Come
GoGo Penguin – Murmuration
Ropoporose – Consolation
GaBLé – TropiCool
Frustration – Dreams laws rights and duties
Bombay – Slow Motion
Jean Jean – Love ❤
Ttng – destroy the tabernacle
Parquet Courts – Stoned Starving
It It Anita – 25 (From floor to ceiling)
Fugazi – Life and Limb
At The Drive In – One armed scissor
Edmund Fitzgerald – Bobby Durst (before Foals)
WU LYF – Cave song
Erik Satie – Gymnopédie n°1