Carte blanche Sylvain Chauveau – [playlist] – 02/01/2018

Town & Country – give your baby a standing ovation
Autechre – Tac Lacora
Scott Walker – See you don’t bump his head
Monte Isola – Rituel
Loren Connors – Sorrow in the house
Chet Baker – The night we called it a day
Sarah Davachi – For strings
Ensemble 0 – I will give my love an apple
Mark Hollis – Watershed
Maurice Ravel – Pavane pour une infante défunte
Morton Feldman – Piano three hands
Ben Vida – DGDGBD 081399
Cigarettes After Sex – Each time you fall in love
Beach House – Levitation
SQÜRL – Gates of Ishtar (Equinox remix by Anton Newcombe)
Jorge Choquehuillca Huallpa – Atataw mana munakuq
Cabane – Sangokaku
Konono n°1 – Nlele Kalusimbiko