He Died While Hunting

Tribute to 2016 – A Long Hard Road out of Hell


In peace, and in Music, we trust

 Thank you for listening, joining the show, dancing in your living room, singing along.
Let’s do this again in 2017!


Incubate, Cheap Satanism Records, He Died While Hunting


Pitou & Uncke Al’, Lysistrata, L’émission avec des Images, Stellar Swamp Festival


Lysistrata, Consouling Sounds, Dunk! Festival

Bang! Fest, Unckle Al’ & Pitou, Mont-Doré, Fifty Foot Combo

LiveFastDieYoung - Friche

Live Fast Die Young!, Bowie Tribute, Collectif Friche

2016, the soundtrack:

Bowie : Girls love me
Lorelle Meets the Obsolete: Waves over shadow
Syndrome: Forever and a day
Mont-Doré: Show me where it hurts
Russian Circles: Afrika
Wrekmeister Harmonies: Light Falls II – The light burns us all
It It Anita: Ginger (Ode to Decade)
Lysistrata: The cows were right about the rain
A Dead Forest Index: No paths
Whispering Sons: Strange Identities
Leonard Cohen : You want it Darker

Carte Blanche He Died While Hunting – 01/03/2016 – [on air]

Cédric, Kevin P., Fabien, Philippe & Fred composent la musique indie électronique,minimaliste & post-everything/nothing du combo bruxellois He Died While Hunting, quelque part entre The Notwist et Nada Surf… Ils ont sorti « With reckless abandon » en fin 2015,et viennent animer, le temps d’un Daydream Nation, les ondes de Radio Panik ce mardi 1er mars 2016.

Découvrez leurs morceaux préféres et leurs sons ce mardi de 22h à minuit!

Stay tuned!

He Died While Hunting