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Daydream nation goes Le Guess Who? – 03/11/2015 [playlist]

Du 19 au 22 novembre 2015 se tient le festival Le Guess Who à Utrecht. 4 jours de musique à ne pas manquer !

Petit aperçu de la programmation grâce à la sélection de Daydream Nation:

Föllakzoid – Feurzeug
Ariel Pink – Dayzed inn daydreams
Deerhunter – Living my life
Atlas Sound – Day out
Dave Heumann – Here in the deep

Chantal Acda– Homes
Chelsea Wolfe – Iron moon
Sunn O))) – Rabbit’s revenge
Insect Ark – The collector
thisquietarmy – Melted lead of ashen fields

Jacco Gardner – Hypnophobia
Shannon and the Clams – Point of being right
Rats On Rafts – Lalalala
Eartheater – Coal dust
Bo Ningen – Slider

Meat Wave – Sham king
Ultimate Painting – she’s a bomb
Jennifer Castle – Powers
Mirel Wagner – No death
The Weather Station – Like sisters
Kaki King– The surface changes
Thus:Owls – White night


Daydream nation the inter/view session

Ce mardi 4 novembre à 22h sur, découvrez les interviews de Chelsea Wolfe, Electric Eye, Thisquietarmy, Mike du Consouling Agency, l’ambiance post Goat @Incubate. Et n’oublions pas les dates intéressantes à venir: Esben and the witch + Empereur @VK, le Synth City tour et le Bad Moon festival à Anvers.Stay tuned!

daydream nation novembrer 2014

daydream nation novembrer 2014

Daydream nation feat. – 20/08/2013

Daydream Nation feat. Becult 3.00 – Émission du 20/08/2013 :
Le tigre – Nanny Nanny Boo Boo
Lola colt – Boom boom blasphemy
Psychic Ills – One more time
Apaches – Release my heart * selection*
Luik – All of my world
Amber arcades – A better lover
Dead meadow – What needs must be
Austra – Home * selection*
Anna von Hausswolff – Deathbed
Chelsea Wolfe – Halfsleeper
Russian circles – Deficit
Mont doré – Easier afterwards * selection*
Lebanon hanover – Avalanche
Maths & the moon – Old days / new daze
Tv on the Radio – Mercy * selection*
Gang of four – Broken talk
King krule – Easy easy * selection*
Bosnian rainbows – Morning sickness * selection*
Terminal sound system – Oceans