Unckle Al’ & Pitou Summer Time – [playlist] – 05/07/2016

Jarvis Cocker – Theme from Likely Stories
Thomas Newman – Dead already
David Bowie – Girl loves me
Les Rita Mitsouko – Les Histoires d’A.
Jacqueline Taïeb – 7 heures du Matin
Gary Oldman – Wanna Be Your Dog
Iggy Pop – American Valhalla

Swans – The world looks red the world looks black
The Dead Weather – Let me through
Kenny Rogers -& The First Edition – Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in)
Tina Turner – Come together
Mother Earth – Revolution

Grateful Dead – Dark star
PJ Harvey – The Wheel
Benjamin Biolay – La débandade
Dave Gahan & Soulsavers -Don’t cry
Radiohead – True love waits

Jack White – Great high mountain
The Holy Modal Rounders – If you want to be a bird (the bird song)
Pink Floyd – Heart Beat Pig Meat
Steppewolf – The pusher
Fiona Apple – To your love
Moaning Cities – Shipbreakers

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – If 6 was 9
Thomas Newman – Any other name

daydream nation BANG ! Fest’ #1 – [playlist] – 07/06/2016

daydream nation radioshow  BANG ! Fest’ #1
Terraformer – Anacharsis
Sunken – Unwilling pt. 2
Six Hands – A sense of urgency
Rince-Doigt – Dinosaurs
Spectrum Orchestrum – Suburbs

Girls Girls Girls – Sancho Panza gets a Latte
SAN DIABLO – Why I Eyes Ya
Djevara – A Prayer
Men Imitating Machines – Fitness Wiv Mi Bitch
The Hanged Man and The Moon – At start

Caspian – Echo and Abyss
Russian Circles – 1777
Corrina Repp – Long Shadow (with PB)
Chantal Acda – Arms Up High

Bang Fest # 1

Bang Fest # 1

Daydream Nation Unckle Al’ presents Gilles Maes collection – [playlist] – 17/05/2016

Thou – I Won’t Go To Nashville
Placebo – Protect Me From What I Want
The Mars Volta – Cygnus…Vismund Cygnus
The Special Pillow – Please Come To Our Séance
Rufus Wainwright – Oh What A World
Rufus Wainwright – Gay Messiah

The Vanity Set – Little Demons
White Lies – A Place To Hide
Willard Grant Conspiracy – The Ghost Of The Girl In The Well
Willard Grant Conspiracy – Another Man Is Gone
The Kills – Rodeo Town

A Perfect Circle – The Hollow
The Raconteurs – Blue Veins
The Last Shadow Puppets – Black Plant
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks (Lydia Lunch) – Orphans
Antony & The Johnsons – Her Eyes Are Underneath The Ground

Thom Yorke – And It Rained All Night
TV On The Radio – Starring At The Sun
Rage Against The Machine – Microphone Fiend
Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box
Nirvana – Territorial Pissing
Plain White T’s – All That We Needed
Supergrass -Road To Rouen

Supergrass – Road To Rouen
The White Stripes – Ball And Biscuit
Thou – Breakin’Up The Heart Of A Girl

Daydream Nation carte blanche Mont-Doré – [playlist] – 03/05/2016

Mont-Doré – Let’s Not Slam Doors Anymore
Circle Takes The Square – Non-Objective Portrait of a Karma
Ma Catharsis et La Mort – Chapter I
Lumber Lung – Best To Keep Moving
BRUTUS – Dancing in Front of a Panther

Death Engine – Medusa
Lorn – Acid Rain
Mont-Doré – Not a gift
The Fall of Troy – A Man, A plan, A Canal, Panama.
Orchid – When the Car Turned to Smoke

We Came Out Like Tigers – Remember who you are
Bonnie Prince Billy – My home is the sea
Zola Jesus – In your nature (David Lynch remix)
Fall of Messiah – Grey heart blues
Mont-Doré – Show me where it hurts

Mont-Doré - Fractures

Mont-Doré « Fractures »

Daydream Nation goes Dunk! Festival ! – 19/04/2016 – [playlist]

Kokomo – Kaputt Finker
Pelican – Ephemeral
Tides From Nebula – Higgs Boson
Obscure Sphinx – Lunar Caustic
Russian Circles – Geneva

This Will Destroy You – Threads
Her name is Calla – Pour more oil
Nordic Giants – Together
ENVIRONMENTS – Ascuns [read:] * BeCult *
I am waiting for you last summer – Event Horizon

Collapse Under The Empire – Crawling
Slowrun – Ascent
Sounds like the end of the world – 85
FALL OF MESSIAH – The grey heart blues
Mutiny on the Bounty – North Korea

65daysofstatic – Prisms

More info:

Dunk! festival

Dunk! festival

Daydream Nation feat. FRICHE – 05/04/2016 – [playlist]


Play It Again Sam – Extrait sonore
Débruit & Alsarah – Jibal Alnuba
Hokube – Calm Down
Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Hard boiled babe
Bonnie Banane – Leonardo

Sam Dooley (Casablanca) – As time goes by
Robin Touchard – 1055
Chico Buarque – Que dieu vous bénisse
Kel Assouf – Europa
Sambucae – Thousand sunset

Noé Grenier – All people die
GORESHIT – Wasting my time
Orange Velvet – オランジ の ベルベルト – Bideo
Orphan Swords – Haagenti
Julie Kern Donck – Toute la mélancolie du monde
Elsa Welfelé – Ca marche sans parler

Young & Wasted – Reconciliation
John Mirabel – Dusk
John Hammond – Koolen
Maxime Lacôme – Et seulement
Laurent Merchant – Ouverture

Carte blanche He Died While Hunting – 01/03/2016 – [playlist]

Pavement – Silence kit
Karate – Gasoline
Mogwai – Cody
He died while hunting – Elapsed time
American football – Letters and packages

Charge Group – The contest
Mermonte – Grain
New Dog – 23
Elliott Smith – Roman candle
He died while hunting – Golden pines (aka Tisch Doré – juste pour daydream nation radioshow)

Pinback – Offline P.K.
Reiziger – Waitingday
De Profundis – Suckers, down
Sparklehorse – Hammering the cramps
He died while hunting – Modern age heroes

Idaho – Bass crawl
The Notwist – This room
He died while hunting – In here
S. Carey – In the dirt
Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia (ADD – live at Pitchfork)

Daydream Nation feat. Live Fast Die Young! Festival – 16/02/2016 – [playlist]

Lightning Bolt – 2 Morro Morro Land
Sonic Youth – Mildred Pierce
Maze – Choice & selection (demo)
Health – Die slow
Deer – Confusion

Protomartyr – I stare at the floors
Crowd of Chairs – Trip blind
NAH – A man that says no
Part Chimp – Dirty Sun

Destruction Unit – The world on drugs
30000 Monkies – Imperial Staches
No Age – I won’t be your generator
Total Control – Expensive dog
Spectre -Where flies sleep

Movoco – Melting consciousness
Rumours – Phoef
Hiele – Say
Madensuyu – Ti:me
Youff -Avoid

Fugazi – Birthday Pony
TBHR – Ein Avdat
A place to bury strangers – Don’t think lover
Ought – Today more than any other day
Indian Summer – Aren’t you an angel

Whirr – Sway
This will destroy you – Threads

Daydream Nation goes Stellar Swamp Festival 2016 – 02/02/2016 – [playlist]

Wooden Indian Burial Ground. – Helicopter
Night Beats – No cops
The Oscillation – Liquid memory
Throw down bones – Saturator
Azmari – Tumula

Helicon – We’re gaun tae the moon
Milo Gonzalez – Like a book & Purple green eyes
The Scrap Dealers – No sense in your eyes
Sound Sweet Sound – Up to you
Tomaga – Futura Grotesk
The Oscillation – Waste the day

David Bowie – Just another tribute – 19/01/2016 [playlist]

Bowie cover

Tears For Fears – Ashes To Ashes
David Bowie – Rebel Rebel
M. Ward – Let’s Dance
Seu Jorge – Life On Mars
Trace To The Sun – China Girl

Associates – Boys Keep Swinging
Melvins – Station To Station
Bauhaus – Ziggy Stardust
The Horrors – Sufragette City
Alain Kan – La Vie En Mars
Queen Feat. David Bowie – Under Pressure

Iggy Pop – China Girl
Arcade Fire – Reflektor
David Bowie – Warszawa
David Bowie – I’m deranged
TV On The Radio – Province

Placebo feat. David Bowie – Without you I’m nothing
David Bowie – Heroes / Helden
David Bowie speaks up for the society of prevention against cruelty to men with long hair – Extrait sonore de 1964 – BBC Tonight
Lou Reed – Walk on the wild side
David Bowie – Absolute beginners
Domtoren Utrecht – Space Oddity (extrait)


…Cruise me cruise me cruise me, Bowie…