Daydream Nation carte blanche Mont-Doré – [playlist] – 03/05/2016

Mont-Doré – Let’s Not Slam Doors Anymore
Circle Takes The Square – Non-Objective Portrait of a Karma
Ma Catharsis et La Mort – Chapter I
Lumber Lung – Best To Keep Moving
BRUTUS – Dancing in Front of a Panther

Death Engine – Medusa
Lorn – Acid Rain
Mont-Doré – Not a gift
The Fall of Troy – A Man, A plan, A Canal, Panama.
Orchid – When the Car Turned to Smoke

We Came Out Like Tigers – Remember who you are
Bonnie Prince Billy – My home is the sea
Zola Jesus – In your nature (David Lynch remix)
Fall of Messiah – Grey heart blues
Mont-Doré – Show me where it hurts

Mont-Doré - Fractures

Mont-Doré « Fractures »