Daydream Nation feat. Live Fast Die Young! Festival – 16/02/2016

Ce mardi 16 février, découvrez le line-up du festival Live fast die young! qui a lieu le vendredi 19 février au Beursschouwburg dans Daydream Nation !

La programmation :

Rumour – four wizards are losing themselves in their own invented shaman-hop behind their synths and buttons

Crowd of Chairs – a complex mind trip of rusty chairs, continuously hitting you in the face.

Maze – MAZE adds art to a blend of guitars, pounding drums, shredding vocals and a serious attitude to get to a point that they like to call ‘lo-fi-no-wave’. Which means nothing.

Youff – two frustrated kids, using one drumkit and one bass guitar and four cabs to create a wall of sound that will help you to face your fears and lose bad memories

30.000 Monkies – constructors of cycodelic noise transforming into mind-altering sounds that will make you scratch your head.

Movoco – they play slow.

Rock on!