Luminance VS Charnier – 01/12/2015 [playlist]

Plexi Gladz – Mind Control [Charnier’s selection]
Charnier – Gloomy Sunday
Fields of the Nephilim – Sumerland [Luminance’s selection]
Bonjour Tristese – Partner in Crime [Charnier’s selection]
Klinik – Sick in your mind [Charnier’s selection]

Autumn – Night in June [Luminance’s selection]
The Birthday Party – Deep in the woods [Charnier’s selection]
Pure Ground – Atlantic wall [Luminance’s selection]
November Növelet – So far no further [Charnier’s selection]

LIVE SESSION Charnier – Pictures

Pop 1280 – Nailhouse [Charnier’s selection]
Throbbing Gristle – Distant dreams [Charnier’s selection]
Sol Invictus – against the modern world [Luminance’s selection]
L’Avis G821 – b.t’flai [Charnier’s selection]
Luminance LIVE – RWM & The perfect blend & Vanity
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Strange dream [Charnier’s selection]
Air LQD – A03 [Charnier’s selection]
Karl Biscuit – La morte [Luminance’s selection]

Ascetic: – I burn [Charnier’s selection]
Hot guts – Kite and shadow [Luminance’s selection]
The Birthday Party – Fears of guns [Charnier’s selection]
Pankow -Das Vodkalied (Helena Hauff remix) [Charnier’s selection]
Luminance LIVE – L’hymne au sang


Luminance & Charnier LIVE

Luminance & Charnier LIVE