Daydream nation Carte blanche BRUTUS playlist – 03/02/2015

En attendant le podcast de la Carte blanche du trio Brutus, voici la playlist :
deafheaven – Violet
Johnossi – Dead end 
The Smiths – There is a light…
Zeke – Evil dead
Sohn – The wheel

Grails – the burden of hope
White lung – Down with you
Explosions in the Sky – The only moment we were alone
Band of horses – The funeral
*Spéciale dédicace*
Bloodrocuted – Mors Indecepta ( Punishment 18 Records )

Frank Turner – Back in the day
Billy Bragg – To have and to have not
The Knife – Silent shout
Jimmy eat world – Sweetness
Deftones – The passenger

Blood orange – You’re not good enough
The Bronx – Style over everything
Goat – Goatman
The Misfits – Halloween
Cult of Luna – Back to chapel town

Me without you – January 1979
Townes van Zandt – alone and forsaken
Baroness – Isak
Rage against the machine – Guerilla radio 
The tiny – Pet sematary

NOFX – Lori Meyers
Year of no light – Persephone

Brutus by Geert Braekers

Brutus by Geert Braekers