Daydream nation carte blanche Cheap Satanism Records – 07/10/2014

Carte blanche avec Cheap Satanism Records

Cheap Satanism Records

Cheap Satanism Records

Keiki – Andy’s Candy
Trike – The Trikey
Joy As A Toy – Valparaiso
Part Chimp – Sweet T
The Real Brussels Sound Revolution – Quoi (BHV)

Baby Fire – Sturm und Drang
Screaming Females – A New Kid
Vitas Guerulaitis – Panda Géant
Germanotta Youth – Halloween
Swilson – Planet Of Sex

Will Z. – Satan Girl
Bee and Flower – Hollow Weight
Joy As A Toy – Dead As A Dodo
Valley of Love – Santa Claus Restauration
Keiki – Headless Girl (Remix by EDH)

Fuzz Orchestra – La Proprietà
Hypo & EDH – Sunburn (Remix by Mensch)
Blind Thorns – An explanation of the birds
(r) – Five Years
Agatha – Planets Conspiracy

Guili Guili Goulag – Shinseina
Made In Canada – No Form