Daydream nation Incubate festival 2014 edition – 16/09/2014

Daydream nation Incubate festival 2014 edition

Wovenhand – Your Russia (without hands)
Current 93 – Alone
This will destroy you – Killed the lord, left for the new world
Traams – Klaus
Deathcrush – Lesson #1 for Snoop Doggy Dogg / Snoop

The Glücks – A world you do not own
The Wytches – Burn out the bruise
MoE – Mucosa
65daysofstatic – Prism
The neon judgement – Miss Brown

Blouse – Time travel
Goat – Goatman
King Buzzo – Dark brown teeth
Vin blanc / White wine – OK, we get it
Leopard skull – She don’t give a shit

Kiss the anus of a black cat – My words as gospel
Wovenhand – My Russia (Standing on hands)
65daysofstatic : The conspiracy of seeds
Le Seul Elément – Gin pleos part 2.

Incubate festival

Incubate festival