Daydream nation carte blanche Luminance – 06/05/2014

Xmal Deutschland – Mondlicht
Ultravox – Fear in the western world
OMD – The new stone age
Flock of Seagulls – Messages
Marcie’s still waiting – Mysterious song
Position Parallèle – Fortune
Fockewulf 190 – Body heat
Vision Fantom – Ecrans couleur
Ivory Tower – The Neverending Story OST
Europe – Rock the night
Kim Wilde – View from a bridge
Phosphor – One night in Rome
Luminance – Statics
Brusque Twins – What is there left to say
Dernière Volonté – Le quai de la gare
Acapulco City Hunters – Summer hunting
Austra – Spellwork
Automatic tasty – I’ve missed the last bus home
Soror Dolorosa – American chronicle
Winter Severity Index – A sudden cold
Deep Purple – Anthem