Daydream nation Hang the DJ edition – 15/04/2014

Daydream nation Hang the DJ
*Phil Blackmarquis selection*
Panic – The Smiths
*Yvan aka DJ Poseur selection*
Transmission – Joy Division
Red Light – Siouxsie & the Banshees
My friend Goo – Sonic Youth
You on the run – Black Angels
*Sensurround selection*
Never seen – Absolute Body Control
Body to body – Front 242
Sleeping fury – Agent Side Grinder
Attica – Linea aspera
*Fernando Wax selection*
God lost my address – Franz and Shape
*Phil Blackmarquis selection*
Pursuit – Gesaffelstein
*Fernando Wax selection*
Shake me – Land Shark
Heels (Mugwump remix) – O Children
Dislocated – Jori Hulkkonen feat. John Foxx
*Phil Blackmarquis selection*
All sparks (Cicada Mix) – Editors
Copy of A – Nine Inch Nails
Heroes – David Bowie
Photographic – Depeche Mode
Identity – Austra