Daydream nation ‘Open The Doors’ – 21/05/2013

The Doors – Hello The Cities (Live)
The Young Gods – Alabama Song
Echo and The Bunnymen – People Are Strange
Mark Lanegan and Isobell Campbell – Deus Ibis Est
The Black Angels – Drone (in G-Sharp minor)
The Doors – The Mosquito
The Doors – Adolph Hitler (Live)
The Doors – Light My Fire
Kadavar – Fire
Ministry – Roadhouse Blues
The Doors – Whiskey, Mystics And Men
Psychic Ills – FBI
The Doors – Queen Of The Highway
Queens Of The Stone Age – In The Fade
Time Hitler And The Assholes From Space – The 13th Floor
Time Hitler And The Assholes From Space – Lost My Mind In Heaven
THe Doors – The Soft Parade
Joy Division – Decades
The Doors – Albinoni’s adagio In G Minor
The Cure – hello, I love You
The Doors – Moonlight Drive
The Doors – Waiting For The Sun
The Black Angels – Yesterday Always Know
Aqua Nebulla Oscillator – Silvermoon
The Doors – Love Me Two Times